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Artificial Sweeteners: The Ugly Truth

Artificial Sweeteners: We’ve been taught to believe that using sugar substitutes will promote  weight loss and maybe even prevent diabetes.   Actually, it’s the exact opposite! Sugar cravings are a huge obstacle to weight loss. The problem with substituting artificial sweeteners is that the  body loses the ability to connect sweetness to excess caloric consumption, […]

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Stacks of Snacks - healthy snacks for fall

Stacks of Snacks

These easy and nutritious foods are great for school and work. Adria Rothfeld-Magenheim of The Nutritional Wellness Center is featured in this article from Asbury Park Press. Click the link below to read the article. Read Stacks of Snacks

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Nutrition for beautiful skin

Highlights from Lunch & Learn Skin Care Lecture

Preparing for last week’s Lunch and Learn Skin Care Lecture I combed the research for supportive foods to help promote anti-aging skin. Once again, the foundational principles of consuming anti-inflammatory fats, colorful, antioxidant-dense carbohydrates and lean, quality protein were well-documented. These were the lecture highlights: Our skin outwardly illustrates many aspects of our inner health. […]

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The human gastrointestinal (GI) tract hosts more than 100 trillion bacteria!  The GI tract is sterile at birth and bacteria are introduced directly from the mother during delivery. Imbalances of GI bacteria are directly linked to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis), susceptibility to infection, and even obesity and diabetes. […]

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Shake It Up! Easy and Nutritious Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are an easy, nutritious, delicious way to to boost your nutrition intake daily. Here are some smoothie basics and fun recipes. Enjoy! Protein Powders for Smoothies Starting the day off with protein helps you avoid the blood sugar roller coaster that leads to sugar cravings, fatigue and weight gain. A quick, delicious and simple way […]

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How to get better sleep

How to Get Better Sleep

Aside from fatigue, there are multiple health consequences associated with poor sleep. Inadequate sleep leads to increased cortisol, a main stress hormone, insulin resistance, higher blood sugar, increased appetite and weight gain! Stress can elevate cortisol–> interfere with sleep–> perceived as a stress–> raises cortisol levels further. Less than 6 hours of sleep doubles risk of […]

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