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  • We design customized Nutritional Action Plans emphasizing the Vital Health Connection between your unique health concerns and the science of lifestyle medicine.

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You’re investigating websites because you have a health concern that is prompting you to find a more natural path to achieving your goals. You’re looking for someone who will uncover the underlying reasons for your symptoms, genuinely take an interest in your well-being, and create a plan that is attainable and won’t be a full time job. You’ve tried to do this on your own, maybe had some professional help, but here you are anyway. Hopefully after reading further, you will feel relieved that you’ve come to the right place, where you will find a center that has a reputation for helping people with hard to solve problems and providing uniquely personalized care.

COVID-19 Functional Medicine Research Dr. Adria Rothfeld, DC, MS, CNS

I have compiled this document after a great deal of study as well as collaboration with highly respected colleagues in the field of integrative medicine. I would like to give credit to the following professionals who have devoted much of their time and resources to researching this topic: Jeanne Wallace, PhD and Michelle Gerencser, MS […]

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Dr. Adria’s Immune Support & Antiviral Protocol

Antiviral Protocol: By Dr. Adria Rothfeld, DC, CNS, MS Nutritional Wellness Center: 281 Route 34 Colts Neck NJ 1944 Richmond Avenue Staten Island NY Phone: 732-308-3030 // 718-370-7500 DO NOT start any of the supplements in this protocol without first getting approval from your personal physician. Please click on the underlined links to read the […]

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