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Services Offered at The Nutritional Wellness Center

For 30 years (God, that makes me sound old…), I’ve had the privilege to work with patients, many of whom I have cherished relationships with that span several decades. Having such close attachments has allowed me to listen carefully to my patient’s concerns so I can understand their needs and how best to help them.

After my first ten years practicing chiropractic, I realized that to provide truly comprehensive care, I needed to learn functional medicine. I furthered my education to include a Master’s Degree in Nutrition as well as CNS Certification (Certified Nutrition Specialist) and completed all the Advanced Practice Modules for The Institute for Functional Medicine.

That seemed like enough, at the time, to provide the standard of care that I could be proud to offer. However, over the past few years, I’ve identified another glaring weak spot that needed to be addressed, which was the ability to help my patients offset the impact of stress on their health. More and more people are struggling to balance the responsibilities of their work, family life, aging parents, and finances, compounded by a lack of time for self-care. In fact, generalized stress and anxiety disorders comprise the most common diagnoses of modern illness, and more importantly, stress is a main foundational theme underlying every disease state due to the effects of emotion on physiology.

After hearing this pervasive undertone during many of our patient consultations, I decided to dig in and study various techniques that could help my patients best manage their stress. I was looking for techniques that weren’t labor intensive, would require minimal time, and were proven effective in various clinical settings. I set out to find like-minded expert practitioners to offer services at our NJ location, which allows us to accommodate more staff and services.