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Before & After: Giuliana

healthy eating for weight loss for teens

healthy eating for weight loss for teens

healthy eating for weight loss for teens


“Giuliana is following your plan and trying to get lots of exercise. She has been busy with swimming and her jazz band. She played in 5 shows last week!!! She is so happy and just a new person!! She made you the photo attached (she is wearing the same dress in both photos!)”


Before & After: Nicole

natural weight loss through nutrition nutrition for weight loss

I have never felt better, thanks to you!”
– Nicole

“I do not know where to begin. Let me start off with a tremendous thank you for the gift you have given me. Without your time and support I’d probably not be away at school right now. You have built my body back up to where I would like it to be and now I owe you my life. Thank you for absolutely everything that you have done.”
– Jillian S


“I know it’s only been one week but I feel better than I’ve felt in months. I already have more energy and I’m less bloated. I just feel good! Thank you so much for your time and help.”
– Theresa C


“You have absolutely revolutionized my health and feeling of well-being! I can honestly say that at the age of 58 I have never felt better in my life. These 2 years of working with you have paid off big time! In short, thanks for all you have done to help me become the “best me I can be”!:-)”
– Margot H


“The thing that is unique about Dr. Adria’s approach is that it is completely individualized. She takes her time with you and you feel as if she knows exactly what you need. I have made many changes as a result of our working together. I am now aware of what I am putting into my body and what it needs to function properly. My condition has improved significantly. I now feel that no matter what is going on with my body, it can be helped by nutrition and supplements. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Adria and I have done so already. I am confident in her ability to help anyone no matter what their condition is.”
– Lisa M


“Thank you for helping me with my cholesterol problems. I came to you a few months ago when my doctor was ready to give me medicine. With your help you lowered my cholesterol numbers to perfect proportions.”
– Eva E


“You are a shining star in the often dismal world of healthcare. Your knowledge, effort, passion and caring comes through in your care. I feel quite fortunate to have you as my doctor and friend. I come to you and refer my patients because I believe in you. Keep your passion, your work is much needed and benefits all of those lucky enough to find you and listen to your counsel.”
– Dr. Victor


“Dr. Adria helped me “eliminate” (no pun intended) digestive issues after 2 colon doctors could not.”
– Tom C


“Dr. Adria listens to my concerns and helps me find solutions tailored to my problems. Since we’ve worked together my cholesterol, HbA1c, Cardio CRP, fatigue, weight bloating have all improved and my sugar cravings are gone.”
-Carolyn C


“It’s nice to have people who actually have a genuine interest in how you are doing.”
– Doug P


“I know I was meant to meet you in life. My doctor sent me to you and said you were smarter than the doctors! You’re intelligent, dedicated, sincere, kind and “fun”. I know and appreciate how hard you try to help this old body of mine. I look forward to a long friendship…you can never retire.”
– Joyce B


“I had to share the incredible news. I am jumping up and down. We don’t believe it. I had my annual colonoscopy today and I am in remission for the first time in ten years. My colonoscopy is clear of any disease. I’m still a carrier for colitis but it is currently inactive. You’re a genius. Thank you for introducing the diet to me.”
– Val L


“I don’t know how to begin to thank you for the health and changes you’ve made in my life and my daughters! Words of proper gratitude fail me in thanking you for your guidance, wisdom and caring direction for my wife. You are one of a very few people who truly make this world a better place.”
– Gary H