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Featured Supplement: Ultra Glucose Control

 We have the secret to keeping your sugar cravings in check during the holidays!

Ultra Glucose Control by MetagenicsWe’ve gotten rave reviews and exceptional clinical results in our patients. Ultraglucose Control has the distinction of being a Medical Powder, indicating that it has been scientifically formulated and its benefits and claims are based on published human studies. This smoothie powder is proven to support healthier blood sugar levels. It is effective not just with hyperglycemia (diabetes and pre-diabetes) but also for those who suffer from HYPOglycemia and feel irritable, shaky, and have difficulty focusing between meals. The key ingredient is UCAN starch, designed for long-distance cycling, where it was proven to allow a steady release of sugar for energy to support endurance athletes.

The nutrient combination found in these shakes hits the trifecta: Managing glucose, sustaining energy, and curbing hunger. We use it as a balanced, satiating breakfast for our patients, or as a mid afternoon snack to curtail sugar-snacking and also avoid that afternoon energy slump. Did I mention that it actually tastes great also?

End Sugar Cravings Pudding

If you’re not into shakes, then we have a perfect pudding recipe:

Mix 2tbs. chia seed with 10 oz. water and refrigerate overnight.
In the morning blend 2 scoops Ultraglucose Control powder with the water chia mix and Voila!

This is a true hunger-curbing snack.

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