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Strategies for Success with your Program

Parties/Celebrations: Think ahead! Don’t set yourself up for failure:

  •  Eat something before: Shakes are perfect for taking the edge off.
  •  Bring something that you can share and that gives you an option to fall back on – ie. a large salad, a tray of roasted veggies: These can serve as a base for whatever protein is available.
  •  Ask ahead what they are serving so you know how prepared you need to be. If possible,
  • ask if yours can be prepared without (sauce, cheese, grilled instead of fried, etc.)
  •  Workout that day so you are more motivated to stay on track.
  •  Jot it all down in your food diary.
  •  Pick your poison: If you plan to drink then plan also to forego dessert. Don’t make it a
  • free for all, where all of your hard work during the week is disregarded.
  •  Bed Bath and Beyond has small containers for dressings so that if you are getting something grilled you can make it tastier.


The biggest problem with vacation is the mindset that comes with it. I have seen too many people work hard for months, only to blow it in a week and fall completely off course. Instead of thinking as your healthy program as something you are finally escaping from, think of this as a time to take even better care of yourself since the normal daily stressors are alleviated. It is always possible to make healthy choices.

  •  Bring your smoothie powder and if there isn’t a blender available, get a hand-held one.
  •  Scout out the nearest markets ahead of time so that you can plan to stock up with healthy snacks but always bring some along as well.
  •  Prepare ahead for travel day. Don’t count on the airport or airplane snacks, bring your own, they will allow them on the plane as long as they aren’t in liquid containers.
  •  Beforehand check out the local restaurant menus: Most hotels can let you know ahead of time the spots they recommend.
  •  Bring clothes that you are proud to be fitting into.
  •  Keep up your journaling.
  •  Limit the alcohol and desserts.

Unexpected Circumstances:

Life is full of these-people get sick, inclement weather, deadlines at work, etc. That’s where planning ahead is always key. If you wait for these interruptions to prep, then it’s too late.

  •  Stock the freezer with items that make life easier: Salmon, chicken, turkey, veggie or grass fed beef burgers. Veggies. Berries. Some Artisan Bistro Meals, Applegate hot dogs, leftovers.
  •  Fridge: Hard boiled eggs, sliced turkey, hummus, nut butters, chicken salad, extra nut flour muffins, egg quiches, salad, lox.
  •  Pantry: Canned wild salmon, Wegman’s organic turkey bacon, Eden canned beans, Amy’s canned soups, nuts, seeds
  •  Quick shop: Rotisserie chickens, pre-cut veggies.
  • Keeping up with exercise is key, it’s way too easy to fall off the wagon and way to hard to find your way back:
  •  Have some equipment at home: Tapes, balls, bands, light weights.
  •  Try to get to the gym on the weekend and once during a hectic week to maintain focus and strength. Make deals with yourself: “I won’t miss more than one consecutive day.”
  •  Wear a pedometer to ensure you are moving enough.
  •  Work out with a reliable partner.

I, ____________________________have read the above and will use these strategies so I can

stay on course with my program since I am highly motivated to succeed and committed to

reaching my goals!

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell

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