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Supplement Updates: MegasporeBiotic

By now you’ve probably heard the term ‘spore-based’ probiotics. Microbiome Labs was the first to formulate this type of probiotic: MegaSpore.

Microbiome Labs is a supplement company that was founded by a chiropractic physician and a microbiologist, intent on backing up their products with clinical data. They have published multiple studies proving the efficacy of their formulations.

What sets spore-based probiotics apart is that they can transition from a spore/resilient form with a strong outer shell that survives the harsh stomach acid yet convert back to their active form once they reach the intestine. They do not require enteric coating nor do they need refrigeration, they have their own built-in protective mechanisms. They even maintain effectiveness during antibiotic therapy due to their resiliency.

Megaspore has been tested and proven to increase microbial diversity, a key requirement for GI and immune health, by adjusting the intestinal pH, crowding out unwanted pathogens, and increasing the production of short chain fatty acids, which are the pot of gold at the end of the GI rainbow.

In a clinical study, they were proven to reduce inflammatory endotoxemia (increased blood levels of pro-inflammatory bacterial products) that occurs after consuming a high-fat, high-calorie meal. Long-term chronic endotoxin exposure is linked to many health issues, such as diabetes, fatty liver, and atherosclerosis. In just one month, individuals supplemented with MegaSpore demonstrated a 42% reduction in serum endotoxin, with a 24% reduction in triglycerides, while the placebo group had a 36% INCREASE in endotoxins and no improvement in triglycerides. This illustrates the link between the use of these probiotics and GI/cardiovascular health/and the inflammatory response.

We encourage you to try it out and explore its benefits. Contact our office at 732-308-3030 to learn more.

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