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Collagen: What’s the deal?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about collagen lately in conjunction with the paleo and keto diet plans. The market has become flooded with a variety of products and I’ve waited until now to offer a collagen protein that I feel confident standing behind due to its extensive research support. It is easy to add to your smoothies since it has no flavoring and also blends well with water, coffee, tea, yogurt, soups, etc.


Our Whole Body Collagen supplies a blend of 3 scientifically proven collagen peptides:

  • VERISOL: What more can we ask for: ANTI-WRINKLES! IMPROVES APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE by supporting skin elasticity. Another study found Verisol to improve nail growth and quality.
  • FORTIGEL: This component improves collagen production in the joints as evidenced on MRI and X-Ray studies. It reduced osteoarthritis as well as reduced post-exercise joint pain.
  • FORTIBONE: Supplementation of Fortibone in menopausal women resulted in significant improvement in bone density in both the hip and spine. It has even been shown to reduce fracture risk.

In addition to the structural support mentioned above, collagen has been found to enhance muscle strength and fat free mass in conjunction with exercise, more than that achieved with exercise alone. Fortibone also has been found to help lower blood pressure.

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