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The Clean Slate Cleanse









The Clean Slate Cleanse is the amalgamation of all that we’ve learned over the years through multiple detoxification programs done with hundreds of our patients, as well as IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine) training and protocols.

  • Toxins are OBESOGENIC, meaning that they spur both the formation and growth of fat cells. Toxicity is directly linked to weight loss resistance and those dreaded plateaus.
  • Our detox participants have reported improvements in energy, musculoskeletal pain and stiffness, brain fog, concentration, gastrointestinal discomfort, and mood swings.
  • This program can help to improve your body composition by reducing ‘toxic’ body fat. Even those who are not ‘overweight’ often carry an excess of toxic fat tissue and may be lacking in lean muscle.
  • A lowered toxic burden will pave the way for improved overall health and enable you to move into a maintenance program and continue your journey towards renewed vitality and well-being.

This 14 day program includes:

  • Introductory Session with an Educational Detoxification Powerpoint Presentation
  • 2 large containers of our Purify Cleanse Smoothie Powder
  • 1 bottle of our Protect liver support capsules
  • Our customized Detox Booklet
  • Nutritious, Easy to Follow Recipes,
  • 2 InBody Body Composition Analyses

What NOT to expect with the Clean Slate Cleanse:

  • A starvation diet where you walk around like a zombie for 14 days.
  • An abundance of diarrhea…in fact, we do not support the use of laxative supplements/teas but instead teach you how to eat to ensure healthy bowel function.

What are the specifics of our Healthy Detoxification Protocol?

  • It involves recommended foods, a smoothie powder and a liver support capsule containing the nutrients needed to help the body eliminate unwanted chemicals.
  • Detailed meal plans and recipes will be provided to make this very user-friendly. This is a great reference tool for future use as well.
  • The food plan is a modified elimination diet consisting of low allergy-potential, pure, nourishing foods, rich in nutrients that help reduce the allergen and toxic load.
  • We will use a GMP certified food smoothie powder, mixed as a shake with fruit, which has been confirmed to assist the body with detoxification, as well as a scientifically proven supplement to further support your body in this process.